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Obtaining ESA Status is the ONLY way to get Official ESA® documents for your pet.

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Pet Health Guide Book & Pet Care Guide
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People Love Their ESAs
Kim B.
Dallas, GA
Many times the stresses of my day, which may be normal to many people, can overwhelm my mind and slow my responses to the world around me. Having Hank with me brings me back to the reality of living in the moment instead of fretting about what I cannot change. Grateful for Support Pets, thank you for making this possible!
JoAnn V.
New Windsor, NY
My animal keeps me company wherever I go now, thanks to ESA approval !! Love it so much! VERY thankful for Support Pets!
Alexander M.
North Myrtle Beach, SC
I love having my pet as an ESA so much because we can bring our baby Coal anywhere we go. ❤️❤️❤️ The certificates arrived quickly and had great customer service. Thank you Support Pets!
Lindsey Blake
May Clarksville, TN
I love having my ESA with me! Thanks to Support Pets I can have them with me wherever I go, knowing  they are covered in any situation. Having my ESA gives me peace of mind and takes a huge weight off my shoulders. I haven't had any issues since I first got my ESA approval over a year ago! Thanks!
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Your Official ESA® includes:
Less Stress & Anxiety. More Comfort & Companionship.
When you get your Official ESA® approval, you'll have the comfort of knowing your pet can be your constant companion.

No more anxiety about where to live, stress about travel, or feeling alone without your pet.

Keep calm. Feel supported. Get Support Pets.
Why get Official ESA® Status if it doesn't make your life easier?
 ESA gear is the ONLY VISUAL CLUE to strangers that your pet has ESA Status.

Official ESA® Gear can:
  • reduce stressful questions about your pet
  • stop the anxiety and headaches of explaining your pet
  • reduce depression and give you confidence to travel with your Official ESA® by your side

TODAY ONLY, get access to a LIMITED SUPPLY of Official ESA® gear! Order vests, ID tags, ID cards, leashes, and more. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your ESA journey as simple as possible.
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